Who are we?

We offer a wide selection of handicrafts, textiles, furniture, maps and templates - everything in the real nostalgic country style. We design all our products ourselves and most of them are handmade. We value the fact that a wide range of our products is produced within Europe and in our own local workshop in Denmark.
Mission Statement
To create the characteristic, distinctive and evocative 'Nordic-French country' style, it is all about the little things. We strive to assist people who are also passionate about this style, and therefore, we have made it our goal to provide our customers with useful tips and ideas and serve them on a high personal level. 
Most people are very keen on lifestyle as well as on home and garden decorating… and we are no exception! We have always had a big interest in these areas, however we have never just adopted the latest trends. We have always gone our own ways, which has allowed our creativity to flourish. To scout flea markets and reusing items and furniture is a big deal to us, and it has been so since our childhood. We love hunting for curious and unique items. Finding true gems brings on an almost ecstatic feeling. The same feeling that comes over us every time we restore or patinate a piece of furniture. Old items with souls and pasts are essential parts of our lives, and that is why we are so keen on our beloved country style.
Jeanne d’Arc Living was established in 2004 by us, Lonnie Würtz Jensen and Vivian Christensen. We are both married, have children and live in houses in the countryside. We were fortunate enough to turn our passion into a living. To begin with, we wrote and photographed features for both Danish and international magazines. The articles were about children’s rooms, homes, gardens, activities and decorating. We were working on a freelance basis, and we took much pride in making these features as thorough, insightful and stunning as possible! We even featured entire homes, covered various events and did "do it yourself” projects for homes and gardens. Our niche and passion has always been Nordic country style – but with a French twist! We have written serval books and are at the moment creating 2-3 new titles per year.

January of 2009 saw the birth of our "baby”, the Jeanne d’Arc Living Magazine. This is, or rather was, a Danish magazine that dealt with the French/Nordic country style. We wanted to put out a magazine that was not jam-packed with off-putting advertisements on every second page, which turned out to be quite a challenge. Fulfilling this dream required a whole lot of editorial matter, and due to financial limitations we were forced to shoot and write most of it ourselves. Our magazine soon managed to fill a void in the magazine market. It took off and before long it reached staggering circulation numbers. We are expecting to reach a circulation of around 100.000 printed copies per issue by the end of 2013. Besides Danish, the magazine is now also being published in English, French, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, German and Dutch.

The Jeanne d’Arc Living concept also covers a wholesale business that designs, produces and sell home décor and lifestyle products. We started up in 2005, but started up small. We first produced a range of gift cards using our own photos. The spirit and style of the cards was unique, and it was something we believed would meet an unspoken demand… and it did. The business we run today was properly set up in 2007. The products range widely but the thread is the French/Nordic country style. Our goal is to provide you, our customers, with all you could basically wish for when redoing your home in the country style. All products are made from our original designs, or made as reproductions of old and authentic pieces. We strive to ensure that the patina is as authentic and realistic as possible.

North of Randers, in a little village called Kondrup, our company is located in idyllic surroundings on a farm built around a square. The editorial office and wholesale business now counts eighteen full-time employees.